About Me

Choreographer, Videographer, Editor.

Meet Danny Davalos!


Toured the world as a dancer and choreographer, spent umpteen hours on set for videos, and performed live for millions of people over a span of 15 + years, Danny Davalos is no rookie in this industry.


As a professional dancer Danny spent much of his time behind the scenes, as he did on set, intrigued by the technology, artistry, and skills being used by directors, film makers, editors, and videographers. Whether be a music video, commercial, movie, live concert, or any other event available, Danny was taking notes.


Five years ago Danny took the plunge to bring his curiosities to life by investing in his own video equipment and began shooting and editing his own dance projects. To no surprise, Danny's edgy style grew quickly and others began to notice the benefits of his in-depth knowledge of movement, musicality, angles, bodies, and emotional delivery.


Since this time, Danny has created content for many dance studios, choreographers, live dance shows, corporate companies, real estate offices, product launches, product branding, night clubs, music videos, and the list goes on! In 2019 he edited his first short film, and in 2020 is on his way to stepping into the world of weddings!


Danny's most on going project is for his and his wife's dance company, "Badass Babes Dance". This is an all-female dance company in which he is a director, choreographer, videographer, content creator, and music editor for!


The list really does go on for Danny Davalos because of the genuine passion he has for his craft, and his unbeatable work ethic. All in all, he's always ready for more!